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5 Scripture Passages Your Daughter Needs To Hear

Oftentimes, discussions on modesty turn to negativity and become a choice between the do’s and don’ts of dressing and actions. It can often become discouraging, leading to demoralizing thoughts and the idea that the female body is something to be ashamed of and hidden away. However, here are five beautiful scripture passages that will not only encourage your daughter to dress and act modestly, but also give her courage and self-esteem in leading the way for modesty in society.  1. Surely you know that your bodies are the shrines of the Holy Spirit, who dwells in you.What a beautiful thought...

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3 Ways To Talk To Your Daughter About Modest Dress

We hear it time and time again – the over-sexualization of our culture. However, we don’t really do anything about it. On the one hand, we constantly hear and see the objectification of women and girls. However, we also see women objectifying themselves. Furthermore, the trendy fashions of today don’t help and even cause many fights between daughters and parents. Talking about and teaching modesty can be a highly contentious conversation for parents and their daughters. Screaming fights to slamming doors to even rebellion can be a result of a modesty conversation gone awry. Despite how hard it may be,...

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Calling all Moms: My Hot Weather Teen Wardrobe Challenge

So now that we are into the full swing of summer, how are all you moms doing out there?  I don't know about you, but having my girls dress modestly for the summer months was something that I just assumed would happen.  Silly me!!   Here we go ladies, does this sound like your house in any way?  Somehow, I think that I'm not alone.  Nowadays, an occasional summer outing for my girls is a trip to the mall with their friends and without me.  Never did I give much thought to what they would purchase, as I am usually...

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Dressing Modestly Strengthens Virtue

  Respecting our bodies as gifts and temples of the Lord means dressing to cover up. However, modesty has more of an impact than just on the virtue of chastity. In fact, dressing modestly can lead to strength in other areas of life as practicing any virtue has an impact on how one lives. Each virtue is connected, which means practicing one will strengthen another. Dressing modestly in particular requires certain strength in the face of today’s society and this strength carries to other virtues like prudence, temperance, love, fortitude, and many more.Fortitude in the Face of AdversityDressing modestly is...

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Lent and Holy Week - A Time for Contemplation

Lent is such a wonderful season that reminds us of our humanity and the need for penance.  It's also a time of great hope, as we eagerly await the day our Savior gloriously rises from the dead.  Each Lenten season, we are told to do three things-fast, pray and give alms.  We are told to do this to prepare ourselves for Christ's saving grace.  However, have you thought about how you can continue those graces?   Being Catholic and Christian shouldn't stop at Easter - or - Sunday Mass Lent is the time where almost every Catholic - and Christian...

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