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Encore ... World Meeting of Families 2015

Hello Friends! 

Since World Meeting of Families in September, many of you have asked me to share more of my experiences from that wonderful event.  As you all know from my very first post, Put On Christ® launched at WMOF.  From our very first hour of the opening, we were greeted with amazing guests and awesome words of encouragement.  Most people would come into our booth that day and say, “we’ve never heard of you!”  …And our response would be, “that’s because we have only been in business for three hours : ) !”  Day after day our sales doubled.  It was the most amazing experience, as people were looking at this new angle of expressing their faith, through Christian-inspired sportswear, in such a positive way.  There were many exciting moments too …My most favorite moment was when Saint Gianna’s daughter was in the exhibit hall and I got to meet her and personally hand her our “Gianna Pant” as a gift!!  Being a Silver Sponsor at the event put us right next to some great organizations as well.  The Knights of Columbus, EWTN, and the US Conference of Bishops surrounded us on every side.  One of the most touching things was to see all of the ministries with booths full of volunteers to help the WMOF pilgrims heal a broken heart, a broken marriage or to re-evangelize our culture and our youth in a very gentle and personal way.  People came from all corners of the world to share their message, sell their wares, or to simply pray and offer prayer intentions.  

I just want to let you know that launching a company like this could not be possible without help.  The song, “With a Little Help From My Friends”, by the Beatles, pretty much sums up my team of friends and family that helped make our trip to Philadelphia a success.  Many of my daughters’ and son’s friends spent countless service hours tagging and packing merchandise for the show.  Many of their moms came into my garage, oops.... I mean, “corporate headquarters : ) ” to pick up their kids, and instead…. took off their coats and started helping.  And when we were ready to shove off for Philly, my sales team of friends and family came along to help me in every conceivable way.  They worked long hours setting up the booth prior to the show, then they worked the sales floor every day for every hour that we were open!!!  Thank you Mom, Deanne, Laura, Donna and Fran!!!!  This is your moment in the spotlight.  Each of them VOLUNTEERED a week or more of their time away from their families to be with me!  ME???  I am truly humbled and will be forever grateful!!!  Each night we would gather for dinner, have a few laughs, and talk about the day’s exciting activities.  It was truly an unprecedented moment for all of us in the history of our nation and for our Catholic faith.  Pope Francis was coming for the first time in his papacy and it was the first time that the United States hosted World Meeting of Families.  Kindred spirits were all over the exhibition hall and convention center; on the streets; in the restaurants and in the shops.  It truly was a privilege and an honor to be able to open my company, for the first time, among such an energetic and faith-filled audience!!! 

Well, now it is time to share some photos… some are my booth, some are with my customers and some are just downright cute, as I took photos all over Philadelphia… the last photo is of our family dogs, Bella and Keegan, who got in on the papal excitement too, once I got home with their gift!!! 

My next post will be about some of our new products for these cold winter months that are just about upon us!!  Long sleeves, more scarves and a woolen vest… more later. 

And as always, every one of you are in my daily prayers!  If you have any specific intentions, just email me at

Enjoy the photos! 

Until my next post, 

Blessing and peace to you always,



Darla Wainscott

Darla is the Founder and President of Put On Christ® , Apparel and Accessories. As the company's trademarked tag line states, Darla is "Making Faith Fashionable®," by trailblazing this unique boutique brand since it was unveiled during World Meeting of Families in September of 2015. She created Put On Christ® after feeling certain that the Blessed Mother was calling her to get to know her Son better and to share Him with the world in a very relevant way. The athleisure market is the fastest growing segment of the clothing industry and Darla made a bold decision to carve out a segment of this market for Christians wanting an alternative to traditional "big box" manufacturers. With an accent on modesty, all Put On Christ® products are manufactured in USA. With its exclusive trademarked Christian logo adorned on each product designed to take you from errands to exercise, there is no other company in the nation like Put On Christ®. Under the patronage of Saints Teresa of Avila and Ignatius and consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Darla hopes to strengthen each customer's relationship with Christ in their everyday living. Her company prays daily for each customer and for every person who visits the Put On Christ® website or engages with the company on any of the five most popular social media channels. Darla invites you to follow the Put On Christ® team on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Pinterest.

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