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3 Reasons Why Fathers Should Give The Modesty Talk


We often hear of the consequences of fatherless boys, or boys who grew up without a strong father-like figure. We know how important fathers are to disciplining as well as teaching boys to grow up and be good men, husbands, and fathers. However, missing fathers also have a terrible impact on girls. Even if the father is around but not fully present, this can have detrimental effects on girls. A father, being present and interactive in the family, is the best person to teach girls modesty and respect. By giving the modesty talk to daughters, fathers show not only how much they care and love, but also appreciate true femininity.

Fathers Show Daughters How Men Should Act

When fathers are present in the home and partake in the family, they show how a man should act towards women. With respect, charity, and kindness, a good father shows a daughter how a man should treat women. Contributing to the family by facilitating the modesty talk shows a daughter how he cares and respects her. Not only does this influence her view of men, being able to discern men who respect her from those who don’t, but this also influences her view of herself. It gives her self-confidence and a higher self-esteem, giving her the ability to resist peer and societal pressure, choose the right clothes, make the right decision, and keep virtuous male company.

He Is The First Man In Her Life

The main man in a daughter’s childhood and adolescent life is her father. If she gets the respect and approval from him, she will not crave attention from other men. This means she will not feel the need to dress in a way that draws disrespectful attention towards her. If a dad can provide affection, respect and affirmation of true femininity, a daughter will expect these things from men she meets later on in life. This means that not only will she not tolerate disrespect from other men, but she won’t disrespect herself. She will seek out men who will cherish her, not prey on her.  

He Can Show Her True Appreciation Of Femininity

When dads give the modesty talk, they are teaching their daughters what true femininity means. It’s not about lust or pushing boundaries. It’s about respect for herself, for women in general, and for men. By affirming appropriate attire, and teaching her what appropriate attire is, he’s teaching her that desirability is not what she should be after. In fact, he’s teaching her that desirability isn’t something to be attained. Instead, she should be seeking cherishment. Lust is about desire, while love is about cherishing. By showing her true appreciation of femininity, he is being a living and breathing example of Jesus. God has such a love the feminine genius that he chose a woman to bear His son, who suffered and died for His bride the Church. Through showing his daughter true appreciation of her femininity, he is showing her right virtue so that she will seek a man later in her life that would love and cherish her the same way Christ did for the Church.

Darla Wainscott

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