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Modesty & Femininity, Pt. 1: What It Means To Be A Woman

  We look around at our society today and see a blatant attack on femininity and womanhood. From transgenderism, which seeks to identify women by their physical appearance only, to our hypersexualized culture that objectifies women, we’re constantly seeing a barrage of attacks on natural femininity. It’s confusing to many men and women where the truth lies when it comes to womanhood. The Feminine Genius And Womanhood In fact, woman has a genius all her own, which is vitally essential to both society and the Church. It is certainly not a question of comparing woman to man... However, in man...

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Building Self-Esteem Through Modest Clothes

  It’s not hard to imagine what countless young girls and women go through every day when it comes objectification and physical appearances. Many moms remember what it was like growing up in a society that puts every emphasis on sexiness. So, when it comes to teaching their daughters about modesty, it becomes a fight against society. On the one hand, society has an infatuation with combating body-shaming and yet the pendulum swings clear to the other side with hyper-sexualization. It’s no wonder that many girls have low self-esteem as society tells them to be one way and yet on...

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Modest Dress And Behavior: Why They’re Connected

Quite often, when it comes to the virtue of modesty, we initially think that it’s all about how we dress. We start asking ourselves about our own modest dress:Are my pants to tight?Is my shirt too low? Is it too tight?Is my dress, skirt, or shorts too short?You may even be in the midst of teaching your children about modesty. However, modesty is more than the clothes you wear. Rather, modesty is an all-encompassing virtue that requires you to look at what’s in your heart just as much as what’s on your body. Furthermore, it includes actions and thoughts, along...

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Catholic Modesty Guidelines

Catholics are very much checklist sort of people. Ten Commandments? Check.Sunday Mass? Check.Tithing? Check.So it would make sense that in wanting to live virtuous lives, Catholics would also want some guidelines. The Catechism and the lives of the saints are excellent sources on how to live virtuously. But what about modesty? Does the Church provide any guidelines for living and dressing modestly? Unfortunately, the answer is not really. Not even the lives of saints can provide an example of modest dress as trends ebb and flow by the year – unless you’re willing to dress in an 18th Century floor...

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3 Reasons Why Fathers Should Give The Modesty Talk

  We often hear of the consequences of fatherless boys, or boys who grew up without a strong father-like figure. We know how important fathers are to disciplining as well as teaching boys to grow up and be good men, husbands, and fathers. However, missing fathers also have a terrible impact on girls. Even if the father is around but not fully present, this can have detrimental effects on girls. A father, being present and interactive in the family, is the best person to teach girls modesty and respect. By giving the modesty talk to daughters, fathers show not only...

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